Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Inner Ape podcast on NPR

This interview with Frans de Waal on NPR's Talk of the Nation goes into the details of his book, Our Inner Ape.   When we recieved the commission from the Playwriting Center at Theater Emory and the Center for Creativity and Arts, we began with this book.  Dr. de Waal compares Bonobos with humans as well as Chimps and Humans.  We spent the first several months developing pieces based on this book, exploring each of the themes.  While none of those pieces made their way directly into HOMINID, the themes, style and particularly the point of view of the researcher has influenced the final script.

In this interview, de Waal also shares the challenges, stresses, and joys of being paid to observe primates.

We share a sense of justice, fairness and empathy with our living ancestors.  What can we learn about ourselves by seeing ourselves as Apes? 
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