Friday, October 9, 2009

Are Humans Actually Selfish?

Check out this mini-review/interview of Frans de Waal's latest book, The Age of Empathy in TIME magazine. It makes particular reference to some of the current research going on at Yerkes in Atlanta about contagious yawning. This is the particular research of our primary primatologist contact at Living Links during the development of HOMINID. Empathy is a particular human trait that makes art possible, particularly the performing arts.

Read the whole article by following this link: Are Humans Actually Selfish?

An excerpt from the article ...

How do you define empathy?

Empathy is sometimes defined by psychologists as some sort of high-level cognitive feat where you imagine how somebody else feels or how you would feel in their situation. But my definition is more focused on the whole of empathy, and that includes emotions. If you are sad and crying, it's not just that I try to imagine how you feel. But I feel for you, and I feel with you.

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