Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spectacle Version of HOMINID

I've been talking with Dutch theater companies about a possible production of HOMINID in Holland; the story took place in Arhnem at Berger's Zoo.  Out of the blue, and through the help of friends of friends, a very exciting spectacle theatre company called The Lunatics contacted me and are interested in developing a collaboration.  They make large scale outdoor theatre, building wild structures, cars, creating fire and ice and magic.  This is really exciting stuff or the sort we don't really see in the United States very often.

Check out the Lunatics here.

I've always been fascinated by spectacle theatre and hope to make it here.  At the moment, one of the few companies doing such work in the US is Redmoon Theatre in Chicago.

So the questions is, can the story of HOMINID and the questions that both the play and Frans de Waal's books pose hold up in a spectacle setting.  I think the possiblities are exciting. 

I'm woring on getting the Lunatics project leader here for our 1st production of the show in November.
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