Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HOMINID and Studio360

Today, I struggled with the right language to express the challenges of developing Out of Hand's new show, HOMINID, for a radio interview being aired on PRI's Studio360 in November. This project takes the work of Frans de Waal, a famous evolutionary psycholgist and adapts a story observed in a Chimpanzee colony for the stage.

So, we are dealing with minimal language, blending dstinctive Chimp behavior and social codes with human behavior, all while trying to learn something about what it means that we humans are, in fact Apes. The work of tackling the similarities in a performance is a very mediative experience for the actor. If we do our job, we have to become obsessed with the smallest gestures and posturing we use in everyday life. We have to think about our actions without the shield of language. It seems to me that many of our behaviors and physical tactics are very similar to Chimps and other great apes; but we aren't nearly aware of them or willing to admit them. We like the veneer of language - I mean language is awesome and, ultimately, it's the great separator.
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