Monday, March 20, 2006

A Sincere Rahr of Sorrow

This weekend's work was about fine tuning the show. We worked slowly through each bit of the 2nd half and made images more specific. We made detailed adjustments to the rythmn of the text for maximum laughter, tears and all over effect.

For all of Out of Hand's big, physical style, we are aiming to truly move the audience, not just impress them. CARTOON really works on the quick juxtaposition of tenderness to violence, high energy to silence, belly laugh to gut wrenching tears. The performers have to change quickly in order to achieve this and it takes repetition of very small moments to make it work perfectly. Then, they have to figure out how to repeat it the moment that way every time. It's partucularly important in the show, because, unlike a traditional drama where an actor tracks their journey throughout a single day or situation, these characters circumstances change every few seconds or minutes. Such a different style. I can't wait for you to see it.

Amidst all the explosions, songs, gags, and tricks are some lovely, touching moments. In talking about a moment late in the show, I had to say - "Yes, it is a sincere 'rahr' of sorrow." Only in the theater.

We finished the Schoolgirl's fight and made changes to the Loony Tunes fight between Trouble and Esther, which I'm very pleased with. The actors have really captured the tricks of cartoons and are able to pull them off live, on-stage. It's a pleasure to watch.

We also spent several hours on the Theme Song. Every cartoon has to have one - so we do, too.

Some highlights:

L.i.p.g.l.o.s.s. (kissing sound) "LipGloss!"

Sometimes he'll sing, sometimes he'll dance, but mostly he just hangs there
Winston Puppet ... It's Winston Puppet

... you'll stand there. in. a trance. While he is mauling you.
Rockstar! "Rahr"

Bam! Love Explosion.

It's a high energy patter song, complete with jump rope, jazz squares, and glorious musical theater references. We were able to learn and roughly stange/choreograph the song in about 2.5 hours. That's testament to the effect of the Ensemble Training Out of Hand does and the skill and focus of the performers.

It's gonna be wild.

...and the illustrations keep rolling in. Check this one out.
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