Monday, March 6, 2006

Schoolgirl throwdown


We're hammering away at Jump rope Technique and finding the physical style of the show. We made a lot of progress tonight.

We're training our bodies to jump into the air and suspend - or at least create the illusion of hang-time. We're expanding the vocabulary of 2 dimensional drawings. Trying to learn how to create motion in still pictures and defy (or at least) ignore gravity.

The logic of Cartoon's is peculiar. Everything makes sense according to the "rules." BUT, consequences are different and often not long lasting. Perhaps that's true in the real world, too ... we just buy into the everlasting effects of our bad choices.

Tonight, we dove into developing our own "STYLE SHEETS." Animators - and often brand logos - have very specific rules for how a character is drawn. This is to guarantee consistency, but also to make sure the idea or expressions of a character/story/logo are always clear at the first look. That audiences understand them - at least subconsciously - instantly.

That's our approach to physical character portrayal in CARTOON. A different way of approaching acting, for sure. But it's coming along.

Now - for the title of today's post. Yes, there is violence. Part of it is a sweet fight between 2 Anime Schoolgirls. Tonight, they started slapping, punching and pulling hair. It's only going to get messier from there.
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