Friday, March 10, 2006

Putting it up

The Staging begins.

Monday starts with a production meeting. Set, Costumes, Lighting, Props designers with Stage Management dig deeper into the design elements. We had a 1hr 1/2-production meeting prior to rehearsal to get our ideas together on how the design of the show supports the physical style of the show, the metaphors, and the style sheets we've been creating for each character. All I can really say is that the design team is fantastic. CARTOON is going to be a visually stunning show. Especially considering the small budget of our small theater company. The backspace at 7 Stages is going to feel very different than it has before.

We are working with the image of a live studio taping of a CARTOON. Huh? Well. It's the next stage in Reality television that turns into reality cartoon then back into Live Cartoon's on stage. What that mean? Fun. Good, somewhat disturbing fun.

Next, we revisited the script to prepare ourselves for staging the actual show. This week, we start the task of melding our physical style/skills with the text. We read the show with the entire CARTOON team today. 15 people. That's a lot of ideas all in one room.

In the last 2 hours of the night, we tackled the opening scene. We ended up with nice stage pictures. With being faced with the demanding, precise style the script calls for, and a bit of frustration.
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