Friday, March 10, 2006

Pay what you want

Tickets are now available.

We are instituting a new ticket buying idea called Pay what you Want. Between $12 - $35. You really can. Why? Well, read the description below. I'd be curious what you think about this.

Oh, and tell people to come. They really can only pay $12.

Pay what you want?

Well, see, it's very very expensive to make a show. Ticket sales only cover a part of it. A small part. But, we want you to see the show. Even if you're poor, a student, or just cheap. So you get to pay what you think it's worth between $12 and $35. That's reasonable, right? This way, you can throw us a little extra, or just look at this thing we worked on so hard just to share with you. Yes, you.However, this only works at the door, so you do run the risk of not actually getting in. And it only works with cash or a check. To be sure you get a seat or to pay with a credit card, follow the link below. You'll pay what we want, which is actually between $15 and $20. See you soon.

Reserve your seats now at

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