Friday, March 17, 2006

Love and War

The last 2 days brought 2 sets of characters in for long nights.

Wednesday. Damsel and the Suitor.

We spent the whole night cleaning up their scenes. It's a struggle to work in such a detailed way on such small pieces, but we had to, because one of the 2 is getting married this weekend and won't be with us for 5 days. So, we had to finish the work, so they are ready for tech. It went well.

Schoolgirl showdown.

The schoolgirls appear on stage a lot. And, their scenes are full of simultaneous gestures. It is quick, relentless pacing and precision. It works beautifully and is making them nervous.

We drilled and worked all of their scenes for 5 hours. We choreographed the first segment of their Anime fight, which went very well. Neither of the actors has much stage combat experience, but by the end of the night they were rolling, flying, slapping, biting and knocking out teeth like pros.

We also have the illustrations coming in. They are great.

Load in begins tomorrow.
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