Friday, March 10, 2006

Hammer, Bombs and Song

In a few short days, we've made our way through the play.

We've made some breakthroughs about the meaning of many elements in the play.

The characters are coming alive:

The Schoolgirls seem to share a brain and often have the same thoughts and same gesture at the same time. Simultaneous action is so good to watch.

Winston Puppet sees every side of every angle to the point that he's immobile. Ennui. Yet, he sings the most beautiful, haunting songs.

The rockstar teddy bear is so sweet. Yet, knows if he gets too close to someone, he'll maul them. Now, that's a burden to carry.

The Damsel girl clown lives on the edge of laughter and tears. This is such a strong element in this play that is most visible in the Damsel, but really tracks through the play. It's been fun to find and work on that teetering edge where laughter turns to tears and vice versa. This is something we too often forget. At the end of Thursday night, most of us were actually experiencing our own laughter turned to tears and back again.

The 2 political opponents are harder to nail down, but they are coming out now, too. Since I'm pushing for this crisp, sometimes 2 dimensional style from some characters, I think I've confused the progress for these two. They are more complex cartoons - cartoons aren't, after all, all drawn the same. Different genres require different levels of depth.

All in all, I think it's been a good week. We have a basic staging shape for the show. Some scenes are far along. Others are still sketches. But we are going into the week in good shape. We turn our attention to violence and love in the next week.
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