Thursday, March 2, 2006

DAY 3 - Songs, Rope, Explosions

6-11 -
Jump Rope
Songs 4 Characters
Composition – Flying, Appearing, Dying

Today got focused on Show specific creation work. CARTOON calls for significant amount of music - which is a standard in Out of Hand productions. It also calls for a very clear performance style - one that I haven't ever really seen on stage.

We are working from several classis performance style in order to create our CARTOON style. Classic clown training and Commedia Del 'Arte are precursors for more classical Cartoon chases, camera takes, humor. So, we are taking a look at them. The trick here is that, unlike much of the traditional theater on stages today, CARTOON wants simplicity in thought and action. Ironically, such a thing is often more difficult on performers than psychological realism. We made some progress toward this end.

"Ennui. 'Excuse Me. Ennui. Absolutely!" - from the Winston Puppet theme song composition
"Rahr. Rahr. He's Rockstar!" - From Rockstar composition
"We're best friends. Best Friends Forever!" - From Akane and Yumi composition

Last - we touched on ... just how do all of the characters fly through the air following a big explosion (which is caused by a giant hammer crashing to the floor, naturally)? The Damsel discovered a stunning flat picture, with lines that truly resemble 2 dimensional drawing. Using a concept called reverse action and slideshow compositions, we've gotten a good start.

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