Friday, March 10, 2006

Crisp and Clear

The actors are dealing with a myriad of challenges all at the same time. I'm asking for a very clean, crisp, easily recognizable performance style. That means not a lot of complicated psychology, but rather quick, clear changes in emotion, action and thoughts. Cartoons tend to be drawn simply - in part to facilitate the enormous task of drawing cells, but also because clear actions and reaction are exciting to watch. We get to see the story, consequences, and actions without wading through complex, often muddy performances. We get to see the recognizable situations, comedy and drama in simple, clear terms. This gives us, as audience a different relationship to the story than we usually have. It's the beauty of icons. It's why I like sophisticated clown performance so much.

So, we're working in two styles at the same time on each scene. 1 is starting from a place of thought. More cerebral. What does it mean? What do I (as the character) want? What's the motivation? What is the bigger, overarching idea in each image, action and metaphor?

On the other hand, we are working to simplify the inner life of each character. CARTOON is full of juxtaposed images. Love and Death. Torch songs and gunshots. Giant Hammers and soft teddy bears. It moves quickly through the range of human experience. But, it's not necessarily the characters that experience this. The audience does. Yeah, yeah ... I know, artsy talk/big promises, but you'll see.
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