Friday, March 17, 2006

Back to the table

The day after the run.

Now comes the work of fine-tuning the play. We have the sketch and the form ... this week is about clarifying muddy parts, coloring the show, and filling things out.

We tackled all the big group scenes tonight.

We started back a the table. We drilled the text to make sure that the rhythms and reading are right. We made sure we know what we are saying - both word by word and metaphorically. We agreed on the story and message and feelings we are telling/eliciting.

Then we cleaned those big scenes up on our feet.

It was a struggle that brought some frustration, a few tears, and, in the end, great results. We made a big breakthrough with Esther, which is a character we've been having trouble finding. But now that we have her, she will steal the show.

Hard night. But I was cheering and elated at the end.
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